Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Rust



   "When I felt like an outsider I wrote and I played..." 
   - Stacey Steger. 

The Rust is a rock band influenced by the"Blues" from Waco, Texas.
The Rust is made up of four members:

  •  Ryan Davis- lead guitar, singer, and songwriter
  •  Stacey Steger- rhythm guitar, singer, and songwriter
  •  Adam Lamar-drums
  • Thomas Elam- bass guitar

Each of these members are very passionate and talented with their craft. There wasn't a moment I regret listening to them at their concert on March 5th at the Nacogdoches Music festival. They definitely rocked the house that night; I still have their songs running through my mind! Their style of music to me seems like the Black Keys meets Nirvana. You can definitely tell there is a heavy blues and rock influence in their music.


I recently had the pleasure to have an interview with Stacey Steger who has been playing acoustic guitar since the age of 14. She played with her father who played lead guitar until she was 18. As a teenager she was inspired by her father and Nirvana. By 18 she formed her first band and had various bands since then, until she met her husband Ryan Davis and they brought their bands together forming The Rust. Other than the band Stacey and her husband Ryan Davis built their own independent label, Sawyer Dog Records. 

As far as her songwriting process goes Stacey sometimes just has random phrases pop into her mind and then builds off it to create the rest of the song or melody. As musician she always wants to evolve as a songwriter and always have new and creative ideas. She wants to inspire people with her music and never become stagnant with her work. I can most definitely say that the way their band played that night inspired me to work harder at my playing so I think its safe to say Stacey from The Rust fulfilled her need to inspire people at least for me.

Besides Stacey's personal goals as a musician I also wanted to know her goals for her band. Like any musicians they want to continue to write new material and continue to tour since playing music is what they love to do. According to Stacey some of the best times with her band is when they have created and shared new material and see it has a positive impact on their listeners. 

For aspiring musicians such as myself Stacey told me some valuable advice. She said to always follow your gut no matter what, expand you knowledge of music by listening and learning from other bands, and finally to always trust your ideas because you never the know the kind of impact your songs will have on someone. 


Make sure to visit The Rust's website  and watch for more interviews!

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Hi! My name is Miriam Galan. I am 14 and I aspire to be a music journalist and a guitarist. My dream is to be in band and play guitar but in my spare time I am going to be writing this blog. The majority of it will be about bands and musicians I enjoy and who will allow me to interview them. 

The kind of music I play is alternative, punk, or rock. However I will be interviewing people from many genres. Bands that inspire me are AC/DC, Pierce the Veil, The Black Keys, All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Bring me the Horizon, Paramore, and Metallica. My goal as a journalist and a musician is to be in Alternative Press magazine. I will either be a writer for them or I will be a musician featured in it. Its a crazy goal, I know! 

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